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Marijuana also known as pot, cannabis, ganja, weed, charas, hash is a flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. It firstly appeared 37 million years ago from Hindu kush mountains in middle Asia and eventually spread to the West. The Hindu Kush Mountain range runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has both female and male genders. This plant is used for both medical and recreational purposes. People have stereotyped the plant as a drug by using it for recreational purposes but research shows that it ‘s extremely beneficial for people suffering from severe diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, HIV/AIDS, Arthritis, Epilepsy, etc.


This plant uses a chemical called THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) as a defense mechanism from animals as the chemical tastes quite unpleasant. This chemical is psychoactive in nature. It’s a drug that can alter brain functioning, hence the mood and behavior of the person who consumes it. Humans have been using the plant for ages for various purposes. Marijuana seeds are rich in fatty acids and proteins. It has been used to produce fiber as it is rot resistant and strong enough to bear high tension. The cellulose extracted from the plant is used in making clothes, bags, ropes, etc.

We all have cannabinoid receptors inside our system located throughout our bodies, it’s a part of the endocannabinoid system which is involved in various processes occurring inside our bodies like hunger, sensation of pain, mood, and memory. THC, when taken, amplifies our mood, thoughts, hunger, libido, etc. One can feel extremely relaxing if he has positive thoughts in his subconscious mind. It basically amplifies what you feel. But it can also cause anxiety if you are having negative emotions inside your mind. There’s a term for it in the hippie community, it’s called bad trip. Consuming marijuana could be addictive. But that doesn’t make it a drug. Coffee, tea, sugar, and alcohol are also addictive but we don’t consider them as drugs. There hasn’t been a single case registered for overdosing on marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is legal in some countries but illegal in others. Countries, where it is legal, have laws regarding the amount of marijuana one can keep with him, how much of it one can grow and how much one can trade. Uruguay and Canada are the only two states that have legalized marijuana fully for both medical and recreational purposes. Massachusetts has also legalized weed but not fully, there are constraints when it comes to possession, distribution, and cultivation of the plant. Visit to see which countries have legalized marijuana. Weed delivery in MA is expected to boom as the Cannabis Control Commission has flexed laws regarding weed delivery in the state.

Why marijuana should be legalized?

The legalization of marijuana will result in the fall of the black market.

  • People won’t get looted by buying laced stuff.
  • Will help small farmers to grow their business.
  • It’s less injurious to health as compared to alcohol.
  • In the end, there will be peace, peace, and peace.

Marijuana in Massachusetts

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts both for medical and recreational purposes. People have started opening retail shops selling marijuana to everyone above 21. It has also entered the e-commerce recreational weed delivery and medical marijuana delivery services rapidly. It’s becoming a viable platform for the cannabis industry. People have the option to choose from different strains. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid are common weed strains in Massachusetts used for medical purposes. Alien OG, Banana Kush, Sweet Tooth, Goji OG, Sister Glue, Candyland, ACDC are some famous weed strains typically used for recreational purposes.

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