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We all know most people like smoking their pot when they get their urban weed delivery. But, have you thought about consuming a smaller portion of weed and that too in your meals? If no, then there are some cool recipes you must try!

Weed has been known for its medicinal properties, and relaxing effect, but it also has a distinguished flavor and you can make some delicious dishes using it. So, here in this blog, we will know about some of the most exciting recipes to try after you get recreational weed delivery in Boston!

5 Amazing recipes you must try after getting your urban weed delivery!

Gnocchi Ganja Butter: the name itself is quite enticing. So, when you have a lot of cannabis and no one to share it with, simply put it in the butter. The dish is no brainer but is something that will give you a short journey to the heavens. For experiencing this journey all you need to do is toss some fresh gnocchi in the ganja butter and enjoy its pungent and earthy taste.

Cannabis salted coconut caramel: Who doesn’t love caramel made from fat goat milk. The goat’s milk has a grassy taste, which leaves a great herbaceous effect on the caramel. The sweetness of the caramel can be balanced by adding some weed to it. Making this dessert doesn’t require years of experience in cooking and dessert making, so next time when you order cannabis, make sure you try this once.

Pot pumpkin pie: Pumpkin pie has been one of the most famous classic dishes of all time, but the twist is added through weed. The process of making this dish isn’t new, all you need to do is add a hint of weed to the dessert, and enjoy it at the end of the day. The dessert will fill your soul whereas the weed will keep your mind relaxed, and that is all you need after a day of hard work.

Marijuana pumpkin spice latte: Who would have thought, you can consume marijuana in a latte. But, creative minds need to experiment, and it has given rise to marijuana pumpkin spice latte. This drink has already taken the world by storm and became people’s favorite in a short span, because of its amazing taste and health benefits.

Brownie: The infamous ‘special brownie’ is none other than a marijuana-infused brownie. Who doesn’t love brownies these are one of the most intoxicating desserts. So, why not add a bit of weed during its preparation, and make it marvelous than ever!


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