Urban Flavours gives on-request cannabis conveyance to grown-ups 21 . Put in your request in our online store, and a Urban Flavours driver will convey to your entryway in an hour or less. Most requests will be filled in under 45 minutes. One moment is one moment excessively long, we know. Quicker conveyance times will be a main center, until one of our conveyance automatons is dropping pot through your housetop ramble entryway.

Any house or apartment in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, we are prohibited from delivering to dormitories, hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts. 

Because cannabis is still federally illegal there are no reputable and secure debit/credit processing services available

Urban Flavours  with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. If you don’t like the products you receive, our driver will gladly refund your money and wish you a nice day. We know you will be satisfied. That is why we stand behind our products and service so strongly.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

It is our goal to serve a small area very well, with prompt and professional service.  We currently deliver anywhere in Massachusetts. 

For the safety of our drivers and customers, we will not be enabling this feature. Customers will receive an emailed electronic receipt, and two text message updates.  One message to let you know your order was received, and another when the driver is en route.

Any personal information collected is used to satisfy State Liquor Control Commission and City of Massachusetts regulations.  All information will be disposed of securely and responsibly as soon as is legally possible. We respect your privacy, and our responsibility to ensure the security of your information.

Yes.  Our drivers must verify, with proper identification, that the person receiving the order is the person who placed the order online.  Our drivers must also verify this person is over 21 years old. Acceptable forms of ID include a Driver’s License, a state ID card, a military ID, or a Passport.

Discreetly and professionally by a friendly driver wearing a urbanflavours t-shirt. urbanflavours vehicles are unmarked.  Your nosy neighbors don’t have to know that you know how to relax properly.

You’ll receive two notifications, one when the order is processed, and another when the delivery driver is en route.

urbanflavours will provide an electronic receipt for your order.

State regulations require we collect the birth date of the individual ordering prior to delivery.

We will never discuss delivery to your address as well to you. We don’t have a vehicle which displays marijuana in any way. We drive normal vehicles that are required to be a certain year of 2005 or newer.

With the passing of Amendment 64, adults 21 or older in Colorado can legally possess one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC.
If you are an adult 21 years of age or older, you can now legally possess one ounce of marijuana in Colorado. The way the amendment is worded actually allows for possession of one ounce of THC. This is great news because in addition to bud (flower), you can also enjoy many types of concentrated and edible forms of marijuana during your visit. Cannabis seeds are also available for sale in Colorado.

On top of this, you don’t need to be a Colorado resident to possess cannabis and there isn’t any type of registration system necessary. Simply put, as long as you are 21 years or older, you have a constitutional right to possess and consume marijuana in Colorado. You will need a government-issued identification to prove you are 21 years or older, so a drivers license or passport would be sufficient. You can learn more about your privacy when visiting a recreational marijuana store in our blog.

Purchasing Limits
Previously, tourists in Colorado were restricted to purchasing 7 grams or less while Colorado residents could purchase up to 28 grams. This law was changed in June 2016, and now both tourists and residents can purchase 28 grams in a single transaction.

Obviously this law has some grey areas, such as what is a ‘single transaction’ so most recreational stores err on the side of caution and will only serve you once a day.

Note that you can currently mix and match what you buy (flower, edibles, concentrate), just as long as the total equals 28 grams or less. For example, ten 100mg edibles equals 1 gram, so you could buy 27 grams of flower and ten 100mg edibles. Additionally, 1 gram of concentrate is equivalent to 1 gram of bud, so you could buy 14 grams of flower, 14 grams of wax or shatter.

Starting October 1st, 2016 the laws are changing.
The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in Colorado performed some studies to determine what the THC equivalent of concentrates and edibles are in relation to marijuana in flower form. They argue that since products such as concentrates have a much higher level of THC, then you shouldn’t be able to purchase the same amount of concentrates as you can flower. As a result, the MED has issued ‘Marijuana Equivalency’ guidelines.

So starting October 1st, 2016 the following rules with take effect in regards to recreational sales (medical sales remain unchanged):

1oz Flower = 8g of Concentrate (Shatter, Wax, etc)
1oz Flower = 800mg of Edibles
You can still mix and match, but it does get a bit confusing. For example, you could purchase 2 grams of concentrate, but then you will be limited to 3/4 oz of flower (as they count the 2 grams of concentrate as the equivalent of 1/4 oz of flower). These laws are really silly and it is going to be a real challenge for budtenders to sell combinations of products and ensure they are within the legal limits.

One important thing to note is these restrictions only apply to retail sales, not possession. You can legally possess up to 28 grams of concentrates or THC as defined in the Colorado Constitution.

Store Hours
The state allows marijuana stores operate from 8am-7 pm not delivery no set time. We’re open!!!!

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